At Plus, we love technology! We have a trio of award-winning mobility industry platforms, called Elo technology that were developed in a partnership with Salesforce. These platforms embrace the fact that consumers want technology that is seamless and efficient, easy to use and just plain works.  

This client-facing tool has required that we completely redesign our own internal workflow and has created a workplace environment that is more and more "powered by" technology as we seek out enhancements for clients and employees.  But we have not forgotten the people element or the human-centric side of the workplace environment either. We have been responsive to the employee need, as we reconsidered what our employees were telling us about:

* when they work

* how they work

* the work they are doing

* the tools they use

* what they need 

All in order to make sure employees are happy, productive and highly engaged!

How employees interact and collaborate has changed and will continue to change at a rapid pace as technology continues to push boundaries and a new generation of workers emerges. We are using different tools and have redesigned our office to promote and enhance collaboration. Our mission, vision and values have not changed, but the methods for achieving our dream as a company has changed and will continue to change in the future workplace that is agile and flexible.

We also love partnering with technology companies, to support them in their business initiatives. Leading companies need to consider all of the changes that are happening in the workplace and remain responsive - a culture of agility and flexibility seems the way of the future.

Check out this video of Adrienne Gormley, global head of Customer Experience at Dropbox, as she explains her perspective on the new future of work!

I loved her quote that sets up the video:

“The current debate on digital transformation is naturally very technology-centric,” says Gormley. “It is characterised by terms such as platform, automation, scalability and disruption. The human factor is often underestimated or even ignored. However, leading digital companies provide outstanding workplaces, which are enablers for productivity, creativity and innovation.”

The question we might pose here is will talent mobility be one of those "enablers" for promoting productivity, creativity and innovation?