As a company that prides itself on a commitment to understanding and supporting the journey of employees who are relocating or heading off on international assignments, we have a driving desire to consider anything that will improve the overall experience for employees.  So this post by Jon Harman of CORT Destination Services provides amazing reminders and insight on how the brain works in times of stress that is specific to the experience of relocation.  

At one point, Jon states:

"Any company sending staff on international assignments can assume that they are losing countless hours of focused productive work from assignees who are simply offline because they feel they are not being treated fairly, or because they are not sure how their family will adjust to the relocation, or because they are distracted by uncertainty about what life will be like in the new destination, or because they feel isolated in a new country. That is just the way the brain works."

Whether you are new to relocation or an old timer, whether you are directly working with assignees or working behind the scenes, whether you are on the ground helping a family find housing and local schools or a receptionist answering their phone calls, reading this article will give you a fresh perspective that will help to make a difference.

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