I woke up this morning with a ManpowerGroup news release in my inbox that stated that the "IT Talent Gap Grows with Tech Roles Second Hardest to Fill Globally."  The release informed that employers are experiencing the most acute talent shortage since 2007, with IT staff ranking among the top in-demand roles globally, second only to skilled trades. You can read more in their 2016 Talent Shortage Survey.

IT jumped seven places in the global rankings since last year, the greatest change of any sector measured, pointing to strong demand for tech skills across the global economy. Demand is strongest in Asia Pacific, where IT roles now rank as the most difficult to fill for the first time in a decade, but it has grown steadily across all other regions as well. 

But this comes after Hired's report on the UK's technology skills landscape, entitled, "Mind The Gap." Read the full report to get an understanding of why there is concern about how Brexit will impact the UK's position as the digital nation. Over the last few decades, the UK has become the leading tech hub in Europe, with more tech “unicorns” – businesses valued at $1bn or more – than any other European country.

Ultimately, the end result will impact mobility programs. For now, the speculation is just exactly how big that impact will be.