Gina Grover, consulting services specialist here at Plus, shared that a recent survey conducted in 20 countries by the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) found that fewer employees are willing to take an international relocation in 2017 than five years ago. Some cited factors that would help them decide to take that move are spousal support, guaranteed option to return to their current role and a salary increase.

Per Stephen Cryne, CEO of CERC, global employees are less motivated to relocate by virtually all incentives than they were in 2012. He states that “the growing populist opposition towards migration and more restrictive immigration regulations in some countries are factors that will discourage employees from considering a move to those destinations.”

Are the findings from this survey reflective of the response you are getting from your employees? If so, is your business concerned about getting talent to the right place at the right time? Which locations are you finding most difficult for sending talent?