Not many people grow up with the idea of getting into the relocation or global mobility industry. Global mobility degrees don’t exist and people find their way into the industry having started somewhere else, even getting into it sort of thinking, "Huh, I didn't even know this existed." But once they find themselves there in the thick of it, they frequently become "lifers.” 

Today, this industry is more interesting and fun than ever before. The industry allows exposure to and the opportunity to develop expertise in talent management, recruiting, HR, global finance, real estate, household goods shipping, global supply chain management, technology, culture, foreign currency, immigration, global tax, global compensation and many more areas. This is super fun, heady stuff! We have people who are involved in each of these (and many other subject areas that I did not mention) who are passionate about what they are doing. And again, most all of them had no idea this is where they would be and this is what they would be doing.

The thing that we all love even more than the area we are working in is working with our clients. Partnering with clients as they expand their business across a country, a region or the world offers us the chance to use our gifts and strengths to help them achieve amazing results. These clients are inspirational, innovative and they dream BIG! This article speaks to how the Bay Area developed and gives some history on how Silicon Valley became such a unique location. We have the privilege of working with many crazy-cool, innovative, cutting-edge, envelope-pushing unicorns in this unique spot in the world. But we also have amazing clients all over the world that offer us the chance to jump into their mission, vision and culture, and join them in the journey towards a destination of success. It could not get more fun than that!