High maintenance? High performing? Needy? Values driven? Work life balanced? Who the heck are millennials and what do they want?

Millennials are the 54 million adult Americans between the ages of 18 and 36 in 2017 who now make up one third of the American workforce, the largest generation at work. 

There is a Fortune Magazine article by Katharine Reynolds Lewis, entitled, "Everything you need to know about your Millennial co-workers", that is a great description of Millennials and that answers the "who are they and what do they want" questions.

The article states: "The companies that top Great Place to Work’s first-ever ranking of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials stand out for their ability to engage this generation, recognize their talents and give them a significant role where they can make a difference. At these companies, pay, profit sharing, and promotion decisions are executed fairly; everyone gets a shot at special recognition; and workers have a say in decisions that affect them. These workplaces exhibit strong, open, two-way communication; a high tolerance for risk-taking; high levels of cooperation and support among employees; and reduced roadblocks to innovation, such as internal politics."

So that leaves us asking ourselves: Where do they want to work? The Urban Land Institute provides the insight on where Millennials have been relocating to across the United States.