You're busy. You're being pulled in many directions. You've just been assigned to that exciting internal project. We get it, and we understand. 

Time is scarce and valuable. However, when was the last time you scheduled time to review your international relocation policies? Is this discipline baked into your annual objectives and, just as importantly, is your relocation management partner bringing new thinking and trends that will help you undertake this review? 

I know, that's a lot of questions! The important thing is that you have a regular policy review hard coded into your work schedule and that you absolutely lean on your relocation partner for proactive advice. It’s time to review your policies, whether because it’s simply been a while, or due to a recent merger or acquisition, or to deliver cost savings. This blog post by Baggage Hub acts as a good reminder and, of course, here at Plus, we're always pleased to talk with you about how we can support such a policy review.