While London has been leading the way as the technology center of Europe, the stage seems set for some new options in the next 10-15 years. One of which is Berlin. The evidence:

  • There are more international and venture capital (VC) investors coming into Germany than other European locations
  • Berlin is attractive to international talent
  • Berlin/German immigration should remain much easier than in a post-Brexit UK
  • More companies are increasing their presence and capabilities in Berlin, creating an environment where large companies and start-ups are highly engaged with each other
  • Berlin is focused on the technology sector and not distracted by financial and consulting industries
  • It costs much less to live in Berlin than London
  • The economy in Germany allows companies to scale up and helps fuel growth in new markets

Facts you might not know about Berlin:

  • 44% of Berlin is made up of parks, recreational areas, woods and rivers
  • There are more bridges in Berlin (1,700) than in Venice
  • It has more museums (180) than rainy days (106)
  • It is much bigger than you probably thought: Berlin is nine times bigger than Paris!
  • Berlin is the most multi-cultural city in Germany. Its 3.5 million inhabitants include over 470,000 residents with foreign passports. People from over 184 nations are long-term residents of the city

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