Consider these key trends within our client base:

  • We continue to see increasing volumes of permanent transfers within the same region (intra-regional) and within the same country (domestic).
  • We have seen clients moving more people within the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions over the past 10 years.
  • We are helping to create specific policies for LATAM, Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • We are seeing increasing interest and development of domestic programs across many countries around the world including China, India, Brazil, Japan, Australia and Argentina.

Every year, 83 million people are being added to the world's population. This report calculates that in seven years, or around 2024, the population of India is expected to surpass that of China.

So, when it comes to forecasting the biggest increases and decreases of activity for your company, which regions and countries do you anticipate the greatest and/or least amount of growth? Which new market will you be moving talent in and out of in the near future? Are there markets that will no longer have an impact on your mobility program?