One of the hottest topics in global mobility currently is the focus on understanding and enhancing the employee experience (EX) as companies try to meet the challenge of attracting and keeping top talent within their organizations.

It's only by looking at the employee’s relocation experience through his or her own eyes (aka "in their shoes") – along the entire journey – that you can really begin to understand how to meaningfully improve performance. We have to try to manage the overall journey, not just the individual service touch points, if we really want to create a great employee mobility experience. These are the kinds of experiences that lead to talent attraction and talent retention.

Join us (meaning click on the link below and register!) on Tuesday, September 19, when Plus Relocation will present the following webinar:

Adding Some EX-tra Oomph to Your Mobility Program by Improving the Employee Experience

We’ll discuss how mobility programs can create more engaged and productive employees who are attracted, developed and retained due to their amazing mobility experiences.