Have you considered an international job opportunity? Whether you are just starting your career or you have already worked full-time for a while, if you have the opportunity to go overseas, you should do it — particularly if your company is encouraging you to. These types of opportunities don’t usually come around very often. 

There are so many advantages to working abroad and if you can do it, you should.

Here are a few reasons why working abroad can be a great option for you:

1.) It's a great opportunity to learn - and there is so much to learn! Work and life skills, language and culture, perspectives and values; experiencing a new work and social culture will provide ample opportunities for you to learn and grow as an employee and a person.

2.) It is a chance to expand your professional and social network. You may be presented with the opportunity to meet and engage with people in a way that LinkedIn just does not provide.

3.) You might actually make more money, or get to a place later where you will be able to make more money. Maybe you are able to negotiate a higher salary for the position, but even if you are not able to, there is a great chance that your next step will be better from a pay perspective with you having had and learned from this experience.

4.) It will make you a more attractive candidate. First, your willingness to travel for work might be attractive to help you get a job, but upon return, your global assignment/relocation experience will be something people will respect, and it is likely to stand out to future employers or for moving along to new positions within your current company. Having any edge makes you more competitive and it will certainly enhance the CV!

5.) It is the chance of a lifetime. You will have so many memories with friends and relationships that will add so much to the rest of your life.

Living and working abroad can benefit your career in more than one way, so it’s a career move that is definitely worth considering. Here is another post that could help you think about that next working abroad opportunity: Five things to consider about the expat experience.