As global companies focus on the realization that talent is replacing capital as their biggest competitive differentiator, and that there is a scarcity of top talent, leadership development has become a top priority for many. Even as nationalism has come back in vogue, a scene is set for an emerging leadership skill set that has a strong understanding and ability to work effectively across international borders as more and more revenue will be coming from emerging markets.

Whether we are talking about international pharma companies like Sanofi, Abbot Labs, Shire or Novartis or other large global companies like Google, Tesla and Salesforce, they are all recognizing that their next-generation leadership group will be, or will need to be, highly diversified, authentic, flexible and able to leverage a truly global mindset. Global experiences and acumen will have even greater value in this new economic atmosphere.

This article from McKinsey, “What talent management can do to shape next-generation pharma leaders,” presents Sanofi's VP of HR's opinion on what is needed to increase leadership capabilities and develop the mindsets needed for success in a fast-changing world, but our feeling is that any industry will benefit from considering these thoughts on leadership development.