Singapore is a magnet for foreign talent. Some have referred to it as an expat utopia. Here's a list of why Singapore can be considered an expat utopia: 

  • it is convenient, safe and clean
  • it has parks, museums, art spaces and amazing restaurants
  • it's easy to find jobs and big corporate names are everywhere
  • taxes are reasonable
  • it's easier from a culture and language perspective to adjust to
  • it's typically easy to obtain a work permit
  • expats are everywhere

Probably the most difficult aspect to deal with is the cost of living, however salaries are high. Oh yeah, sometimes it's hot…sweaty hot!

But for the third time in a row, Singapore ranks as the world’s top destination for expatriates in HSBC's Expat Explorer survey, which considers economic stability, a great quality of life and a safe environment for families.

The rise of countries like Norway, Germany and the Netherlands up the table this year shows how quickly destinations can become expat hot spots so we are interested to see if next year one of these countries can wrestle the crown from Singapore.

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