Wondering what global human resources and recruiting will look like in 2018?  Here are some predictions from Workforce magazine:

  • the concept of "offshoring" will cease to exist
  • millennials will redefine jobs - more work at home and bringing home work
  • the labor market will work more like eBay than Monster or Yahoo Hotjobs
  • increased use of virtual teams
  • companies will engage in "crowd sourcing"

Yet, while sourcing and managing talent may take on a different look, global recruitment will not be going away. Most talent experts agree recruiters will expand their talent searches, seeking talent in new and further geographies as companies continue to expand globally. Many predict that there will be a greater demand for leaders with global experience, and for employees (particularly key talent) with expatriate experience.

Understanding the future of the workforce, consider what that talent might be attracted to:

  • companies with solid corporate responsibility initiatives and messages
  • flexible global cultures that translate into regional dynamics
  • training and leadership development programs
  • innovative support benefit offerings like elder care, pet care, concierge services, etc.
  • companies that offer the best overall employee experiences

The 2018 Global Talent Mobility and Wealth Management report by Forbes emphasizes the extent to which talented individuals are being drawn specifically to China’s economic size and vibrancy. 

The expectation is that over the next 4 years China will be a major exchange hub for global talent flow. Not only will China be the largest supplier of outgoing students, but it will be a major destination for global talent to settle down, surpassing India and the U.S. in both categories.