With just about 14% of the year remaining, most companies are finishing up their 2017 business plan initiatives and kicking into 2018 mode.  So, what are their global mobility programs focusing on for 2018?

Some trends or themes that seem to always appear are: 

  • reducing spend or spending smarter
  • flexible policy creation and/or bench-marking
  • aligning better with talent management

An additional major element that should get a lot of attention and focus is mentioned in the article below. The title of this article suggests employee engagement should be focused on in 2017, I even would argue that we should continue to focus on it even more in 2018.  

But, apparently most have not gotten started on improving the employee experience because an August YouEarnedIt survey of 750 employees identified that only one in 10 employees felt their organization had created an awesome employee experience. 

So we ask, is the "mobility employee experience" similar to your company's overall employee experience? If so, only 10% of employees are feeling like you have created an awesome mobile employee experience as well.

That would mean it is time to crank open that Excel sheet that contains your 2018 goals and initiatives and add: baseline our mobile employee experience and then leverage experience design to improve it x%.

You can start by reading this article that provides insight into what a few other companies have done.