Survey says...that it is smaller and medium-sized multinationals that are most responsible for driving the trend of increased international mobility, according to the latest Finaccord survey report: Global Multinationals and Corporate Transferees: A Worldwide Review.

The review revealed that by 2021, there will be 13,900 multinational companies worldwide, which equates to a growth rate of about 3.2% between 2017-2021, and the number of expatriate employees and corporate relocating employees will exceed 1 million. Current estimates are that there are 838,600 expatriates and corporate relocating employees, and the population will grow at a 4.1% compound annual rate to get over the million threshold.

Another interesting element that was discovered was that Asia-Pacific is and will be creating the bulk of globally mobile employees. David Bowles, a consultant at Finnacord, states, “Among all multinationals globally, our analysis indicates that enterprises in two sectors – namely, energy and power plus professional services – are particularly significant, and that corporate mobile employees are being generated most rapidly by enterprises based in the Asia-Pacific region."

The top five producers of expatriates are located in the APAC region:

  1. Tata Group (India)
  2. Infosys (India)
  3. Wipro (India)
  4. National Petroleum (China)
  5. Foxconn (Taiwan)