Looking out over the next 12 months, Collinson is predicting a surge in expatriate long-term assignments (LTAs) with nearly half of the 200 HR professionals predicting an increase.

In summary, and with regard to long term assignments:

  • 46% expect an increase
  • 37% expect no change
  • 15% expect a decrease 
  • the rest are clueless

Over the past few years, we have supported companies in reconsidering their policies, in turn helping them to balance the cost of the assignment with the overall employee experience. These policy revisions have created more cost effective options that are more flexible to the needs of employees and circumstances. With the improved global economy, companies are more willing and in need of people to dive into business opportunities that are opening up. A greater variety of assignees from a greater array of home countries are lining up for these career and leadership-developing opportunities. They seek CV boosting experiences, that will help motivate them to greater levels of engagement and competence.  

Outside of this survey, from our client conversations, looking out at 2018 and beyond, clients are anticipating greater volumes of most all types of moves across the board. They are leveraging the developmental effectiveness of talent mobility, and how it enhances employee attraction and retention.