Since 2014's version of the Global Talent Survey by Totaljobs, there has been an increase of nearly 20% of people in the UK indicating that they would be willing to move to another country to work. The UK dropped from the second to the fifth as the most important and desirable location for candidates worldwide. According to an article in Relocate Magazine, "The Brexit vote in the EU referendum two years ago was considered the main reason behind the steep rise." At 62%, that is about 12% more than people who would relocate within the UK for a job making the point that getting out of the UK is more interesting to Brits these days than ever before. It makes one wonder how this increased willingness to move abroad impacts that UK talent pool.

In the past, people have been motivated to move abroad by the opportunity to expand their personal experiences, seek an improved lifestyle and live in a more desirable location. And, about a third of those that are willing to leave, placed the U.S. at the top of their list.

A few additional tidbits from this survey we found interesting:

  1. Companies need to entice needed talent with competitive benefits and assistance because 80% of workers expect a relocation package if moving for work as part of an internal transfer with their current employer (additionally 86% requesting a higher salary, and 30% asking for a promotion).
  2. People are more likely to move to a new (improved) job than move for their existing company - 70% of people are more likely to relocate when securing a job with a new employer, as opposed to as part of a move with their current employer.
  3. Brits are willing to move an average of 43 miles from friends and family to live in their preferred location highlighting their priority to live in the right place for the right job.

Hear Mike Booker from Totaljobs speak more on the findings here. Also, for additional insights into the larger elements from the survey, try this: Future Workforce: A Decline in the Desire to Work Abroad