Jobseekers from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan applying for jobs in China will have more advantage in filling job vacancies versus other expatriates without Chinese passports, but with the same expertise.

Corporations who have had difficulty finding talent in China to fill open positions will welcome these simplified rules for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan citizens.

 In addition to permit requirement changes, other amendments and considerations are being put into place, such as the tax exemption for earnings made outside the mainland by Hongkongers who stay across the border for more than 183 days a year. You can find more information on the tax exemption here

We are seeing more leniency and exceptions taking place in China for Hongkongers, Macau and Taiwan citizens who wish to work and live in China. This not only allows a larger talent pool for organizations to choose from with the advantage of the simplified visa documentations, but it also gives the human resource teams one less tracking concern on how many days their employees have stayed in China, in order not to impact the tax.