There are plenty of things to talk about outside of Brexit when it comes to moving talent within the European Union (EU), or is there? Well, while one of the founding principles of the EU was the free movement of people and workers, there are some nuances that make the process a little more nuanced and that create inconsistencies country-to-country. There is a lot to consider, but Neha Hemmad, a global immigration counselor at Newland Chase explains a few key processes, challenges, and unanswered questions on how some specific visas are being handled within, and across the EU. 

There are three specific options reviewed in the article that employers should understand: 

  • the Vander Elst visa
  • the Intracompany Transit permit
  • the Blue Card 

While each comes with applied challenges, it is good to understand current practices and be aware of where there may be bumps in the road or specific approaches to take.