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| 1 minute read

Plus welcomes Charlie Welf to our leadership team!

Plus leads the mobility industry in technology and innovation, and we're never satisfied with being anything less than the best at what we do. Because of this mindset, we are thrilled to have Charlie Welf joining Plus's leadership as our new Vice President of Internal Audit! With more than thirty years of technology expertise and consulting, Charlie is going to be an incredible addition to Plus's industry leadership and ability to deliver the best experience to our clients and their relocating employees. 

Charlie will be leading finalization of the SOC-2 certification process for Plus's innovation lab, Plus One, which includes our Point C benefit selection platform. He will also be driving other data security and technology compliance processes which will enable Plus to stay at the cutting edge of mobility management. 

As a top technology expert, we're excited for Charlie to become the face of our commitment to being the most innovative company in our industry. Our clients - including a number of global Fortune 500 companies - trust us to manage their employees' information, and Charlie's expertise in auditing and compliance will continue to help us forge that bond of trust to be stronger than ever.