I had seen that "CNN Money" had begun the conversation as to which cities within Europe are most ready to fill the "big Brexit-shaped hole emerging in London" back on June 28 when they posted the article "7 cities that could steal business from London."

Britain's vote to leave the European Union rocked the global financial markets and tanked the pound. One of the main concerns is the future of London as the financial and tech capital of Europe.

Many global companies said they might have to move some of their operations away from the British capital to protect their EU status. Some even said that they could move between 10-40% of their London-based workforce.

And cities are already lining up to welcome them. This article from our partner, Relocation Services Holland, suggests that Amsterdam is the leading candidate, while others like Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris and Dublin are also front-runners.

Some reasons why Amsterdam leads the pack:

* 90% of the Dutch speak English

* schools are ranked the best in Europe

* offers a great lifestyle (picturesque, excellent restaurants, music, theatre, night life)

* cosmopolitan

* and has a tolerant attitude cultivated over centuries as a major global trading center