There are some very interesting facts from these maps that highlight the immigration situation within Europe.

Did you know that Polish people represent the highest percentage of the foreign-born population in Norway? 

Or that the largest proportion of immigrants to the Republic of Ireland hail from the UK?

The population with the highest percentage of foreign-born people is Switzerland (29.6%), followed by Sweden (18.5%), Austria (17.4%), Estonia (15.8%) and Germany (14.5%). The UK comes in at 13.4%.

The highest increases in immigrant populations between 2010-15 were similar: Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Norway, the UK and Finland.

The final map depicts the immigrant populations expanding in specific countries and shows Indians going to the UK, Brits heading to Ireland and Poles off to Norway.

The Pew Research Center also offers some fun additional factoids related to UK and world immigration statistics.

About a third of the UK's immigrants were born in other EU countries.

What do you predict the Brexit impact will be on immigration both into the UK and throughout Europe? Would the EU offer comprehensive access to the single market if the UK did not accept similar free movement arrangements as it does now? How is the UK going to compete post-Brexit if it adopts policies that restrict the supply of workers?