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With Brits all over the EU and EU expats in the UK, there are so many perspectives to consider. Most agree that for Brits wanting to live outside the UK and in an EU country, things are likely to change dramatically. For Brits that might want to live and work in France, it could get even more complicated. 

Post Brexit, for working class people, France may decide that British expats are no longer welcome or apply specific restrictions, like not allowing the purchase of property in certain areas because of the impact on locals. British expats may have additional taxes applied to their status or lose their right to vote in French elections as is their right currently as EU citizens.

There are currently approximately 150,000 British expatriates living in France that will be affected and this article taps into three different perspectives or sectors: 

  1. those actively campaigning
  2. those who are mostly just freaking out at the possibilities of what is to evolve
  3. and those that are staying calm and carrying on

Have a read to consider what "Frexpats" and "Bremainers" in France are thinking, feeling and predicting.