Disruptive change isn't new, but it is picking up speed. Rapid change is occurring at an unprecedented pace. Companies that can confront change today are merely the ones that survive. Successful companies are those that can predict future changes. But leading companies are the ones creating change and disrupting industries and seeing the opportunities that future changes bring.

In Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Survey, nearly 70% of companies agreed that a mobile workforce is an enabler of business and talent strategies, and yet, only 3% of the respondents rated their companies as “world-class” in global deployments! This means 97% of companies should examine their mobility practices if they truly want to compete for talent.

Their report dives in deep to things like:

  1. The organization of the future: Arriving now
  2. Careers and learning: Real time, all the time
  3. Talent acquisition: Enter the cognitive recruiter
  4. The employee experience: Culture, engagement and beyond
  5. The future of work: The augmented workforce

After reading that, check out our piece, "Get Ready for the Great Talent Face-off" and consider whether your mobility program is on its way to being defined as world-class!