These 8 tips focus on how a company can better attract and retain millennial employees. It points out that the median tenure of these workers between the ages of 25-35 is only three years...that they are often in a continual job search, not finding themselves in a committed career until around the age of 27.  

While I support that employers should consider how to cultivate a strong and satisfied workforce and that certain strategies will help with attracting, developing and retaining millennial employees, I still wonder whether this is not an issue so much tied to a specific generation but rather is more simply an attribute of their age. Now more than ever, twenty-somethings are less likely to get married to a partner, so why should we expect them to get "married" to a job?

Millennials want what we all wanted at that age...a fun, engaging workplace where we derive some meaning, are continuing to grow, and feel like we make a difference.  I love these 8 tips, but these are good for anyone and everyone who works in your company. If your millennials are leaving, then you likely have older employees who are also not engaged. These tips will help with that, too!