Coming up on 16 years at Plus, I have been living (professionally at least) under the mission to "deliver delight!" Never had I associated the word "charm" with the word "delight" until I read this article, "5 Ways To Charm Everyone You Meet." 

So I looked the word up. As a noun, charm is "the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration." As a verb, charm is "to control or achieve by or as if by magic." While we all know global mobility can be complicated and consuming work that can drag you into the weeds of policy and process, those I have enjoyed most in this industry are the ones that combine strong knowledge with a big ol' dose of charm. 

It then made me consider whether a bit of charm would enhance the effectiveness of a corporate global mobility team, maybe even take them to the next level of strategic guidance and leadership? Consider whether these 5 suggestions to upgrade the level of your own charm could help you with your own career in global mobility and how a little more charm on your team could make it that much more effective within your company.