The idea for Elo technology started on a napkin during a business trip. As I was looking over the way mobility companies worked with clients and relocating employees, it became clear that something was missing. They each needed a community that made them feel comfortable asking questions, connected to their move team, and aware of everything happening in their mobility program.

And Elo technology was born.

Now, as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of its launch, I am thrilled with not only the platform itself, but with the response we have received from clients, relocating employees, and partners. For me, it has been a true pleasure to witness the development of this technology since that scribbled-on napkin. 

As a result of an incredible development team made up of positions across the company, it has grown into a game-changing software for the entire relocation industry. It’s common for really big ideas like this to never come to fruition, or, when they do, they aren’t quite what you envisioned. With Elo technology, it has become bigger and better than I originally imagined. And, what’s better, it is still improving every day.