Corporates who have localized their employees or have employees on assignment over 180 days in Hong Kong will need to pay attention to this article.

Hong Kong is requiring the renewal of the Hong Kong Identity Card or HKID - there are some exceptions. The renewal of the HKID will not apply to employees who are on assignment less than six months in Hong Kong.

The HKID offers many benefits such as: skip the airport queues at immigration, opening a bank account, identification document for mail at the post office.  

The renewal of the HKID is phased according to the year of birth and will only be applicable for people above age 15 and are planning on staying in Hong Kong for over 180 days. This renewal process at a designated kiosk will take about 30 minutes and the new Hong Kong Identity Card can be picked up in roughly 10 working days.

Delay in updating a renewed Hong Kong Identity Card will result in a fine up to HKD5,000, I recommend renewing as soon as possible.