DBS is well-known in Asia-Pacific, having been named the Best Bank in Asia-Pacific. Today’s talent shortage is a well-known fact and its focus has been highly invested on the search for new talent, particularly interns, and with building the pipeline of future talent. DBS focuses highly on its current employees to ensure they are fulfilled and naturally remain at DBS.

There are a few factors that have led to the success of DBS. To name a few, the gesture of caring through its PRIDE (Purpose driven, Relationship led, Innovative, Decisive and Everything fun) program, the recognition of loyal employees and the empowerment given to its employees to strive.

Besides the above, DBS is using professional mobility to invest and support the fulfillments and goals of its employees. CEO of DBS Surojit Shome explained, “global mobility channels enable our bankers to chart a roadmap of their careers that may take them across international locations.” Because of this, talent retention rates are higher as the employees are already satisfied with their fulfilled life and have no reason to look for other opportunities.

DBS is using professional mobility to help support its employees in developing the cultural aspect of the company. In doing so, employees became the integral part of the culture since being exposed to relocation. A win-win.