More than 11,000 people took the inaugural Pearson Global Learner Survey and the report is now available. The study was conducted by learners from 19 different countries and shares insights on:

  • quality of educational systems
  • careers and the future of work
  • technology and its impact

At the beginning of the report, John Fallon, CEO of Pearson, explains:

"Around the world, learners still place a great deal of faith in education to help them achieve success. But the way they are obtaining that education is changing and it’s all because the new talent economy has arrived with its gig jobs, unconventional career paths and tech disruption. To meet the demands of this new world of work, learners tell us they are relying less on traditional institutions that have shaped learning for generations and are adopting a “do-it-yourself” approach to education."

There were eight key trends highlighted from the survey:

  1. A DIY mindset is reshaping education.
  2. The 40-year career is gone, replaced by life-long learning and diverse career paths.
  3. People expect digital and virtual learning to be the new normal in the next decade.
  4. Confidence in educational institutions is wavering.
  5. Some young workers think you can do OK in life without a college degree.
  6. Markets like China and India are leading the world in upskilling while the U.S. and UK lag.
  7. Learners believe soft skills will give them the advantage over automation.
  8. People now cite social media and bullying as contributing factors to school safety concerns.

As companies continue to consider their talent pipelines, leveraging relocation and global assignments to attract, acquire and develop their people will be a huge advantage. 

Understanding the experience students, interns and employees want is the starting point. Seek your insights through empathy building activities and user testing. Try this new article to get you thinking: Empathy in innovation.