Moving to India is a very exciting adventure for expatriates! However, there can be some challenges to address in the process of getting oriented and settled in. One of the biggest issues is managing India’s notoriously challenging landlords according to Rohit Kumar from IKAN Relocation Services. His recommendation is that when dealing with landlords in securing assignment housing, have the local experts step in. DSP’s should be used to ensure that leases are negotiated with proper terms, lengths, notices, clauses and maintenance agreements. This will help to minimize disruptive landlord behaviors and ensure the return of security deposits.

Mr. Kumar says, “In India, being as diverse as it is, there is no single technique and each situation will be different." This article lays out the different types of landlords you may run across. As you can see these could make the move even more stressful, if left to the employee to handle. The types of landlords could include:

  • The curious one
  • The biased one
  • The tough negotiator
  • The relationship one
  • The real decision-makers
  • The charming one

Remember that if the situation goes sour, this will not only impact the relocating assignee's family, but also their state of mind at work. The text highlighted below can be a takeway but, it is highly recommended for expatriates to use local expertise when negotiating the lease with the landlord to ensure the assignee can fully focus on the intended business purpose.