I asked Sherrie Witte, (CRP) who is a Real Estate Specialist within our Home Sale team of experts here at Plus, if a relocating employee really wants to sell their home, what should they focus on? 

Besides setting a proper initial price, she focused in on how critical it is to consider the staging of the home. Clutter removal, furniture groupings, lighting, being neutral but using pops of color, making baths look like spas and sometimes bringing the outdoors in with flowers and greens from the yard are key areas of focus. 

But one of the top issues she mentioned (and that she counsels both relocating employees and real estate agents on) is completing unfinished projects. Sherrie explained, "We counsel that buyers will deduct more from their offer when things are unfinished, so it is to the seller’s advantage to control the costs themselves and do the work upfront." She passed along this article that dives deeper and will make you want to go home and stage your home, even if you are not selling it!