Consider these stats and comments related to talent:

  • 80% of turnover is due to bad hiring decisions that most often stem from the wrong cultural fit
  • 62% of global recruiting leaders cite employer branding as a top priority, which creates an obvious concern about the ability to attract high-quality talent
  • 30% of our workforce is made up of freelancers, independent contractors, temps and consultants, and by 2020 it is expected to rise to 40%
  • Hiring quality candidates will lead to business success
  • The phrases “employee experience” and “employer brand” have become popular among human resources professionals, as they aim to bolster their organization’s ability to attract top talent

Being an employee of a company, there is no arguing that the experiences that employees have at work matter.

In this article from Talent Economy, the author states, "If leaders want to receive employees’ best work throughout the employee lifecycle, the experiences people have while they work need to be positive, meaningful and worthy of engaging."

Many companies are getting focused on leveraging design thinking, and are going back to discover, define, develop, differentiate and deploy initiatives that make up their employer brand and positively impact the employee experience. This is a current trend within talent management and global mobility programs.

Are you evaluating and redesigning the employee experience?