In 1943, Thomas Watson, the now-famous former president at IBM reportedly stated, "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." Very few people at the time would have challenged this thinking (partly fueled by the fact that manpower surely couldn't be replaced), and yet fast forward 75 years and we now know of a very different outcome.

Technology in all its forms continues to revolutionize our lives both at home and in the workplace. This interesting article in The Guardian once again highlights the opportunity for technology to deliver new solutions to age-old problems. It's also what the talented folks at companies such as Starship Technologies and FIVE AI are doing to transform driverless vehicle and delivery solutions. At Plus, we've embraced technology to support our high-touch customer experience. Our award-winning Elo technology is now transforming the lives of thousands of relocating families each year. Visit our website for a glimpse into how Elo technology can transform your global mobility programme! 

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