The latest:

As of Sept. 24, a new Executive Order was passed that restricts entry to the U.S. for people of certain nationalities. The order will be effective on Oct. 18. Per Homeland Security:

  • The United States maintained, modified, or eased restriction on five of the six countries currently designated by Executive Order 13780.  Those countries are Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia.
  • The United States lifted restrictions on one country currently designated by Executive Order 13780: Sudan.
  • The United States added restrictions and/or additional vetting on three additional countries found to not meet baseline requirements, but that were not included in Executive Order 13780.  These countries are: Chad, North Korea and Venezuela.

Unlike the previous ban, this version is indefinite and restrictions vary by country. Those already possessing valid visas or admitted to the U.S. on the effective day of Oct. 18, 2017, are exempt from new restrictions.

Let us know if you have questions on the possible impact to your global mobility or frequent business traveler programs.