Hey global mobility managers out there, as the war for talent continues, there has been a lot of talk about and focus on the employee experience (EX)! 

According to the 2018 Talent Trends Report, 51% of you are at companies that plan to boost spending on on-site benefits and innovative technologies this year. Why? Because your company has to focus on winning the competition for new talent. As employers move forward in 2018 (and beyond) with the goal of creating a differential advantage, they are asking themselves whether they are creating a positive and memorable talent experience.  

No matter where in the world our clients are, there is this driving trend of focusing on the employee experience and making sure that across the corporation, employee experiences are being evaluated and improved.

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This conversation has trickled (maybe even flooded) into mobility programs where we are engaging and collaborating with a wide variety of stakeholders to make sure we are maximizing those mobility moments in the lives of critical talent. The EX has a new subgroup: the GMEX (globally mobile employee experience).

Global mobility programs are in full swing of reconsidering the various employee experiences that are happening across the timeline of employment within their programs from candidate interviews, to new employee on-boarding, to relocation transitions, to international assignments (rotational, long-term or short-term). Companies are looking at how technology can improve the experiences, not just reduce the cost. This conversation is happening across all industries, across all company sizes, across all geographies and it isn't looking like it will go away anytime soon. So, get on board with us and let's make sure your program is delivering a world-class GMEX!