We have been talking about "experience" for a few years now. Customer experience (CX) success and learnings have been and are continuing to be adapted and leveraged to design improved employee experiences (EX). But we predict that 2018 will be the year that global mobility teams get very focused on creating and deploying initiatives to improve the mobile employee experience (MEX). And with Millennials being an ever-increasing percentage of those mobile employees, now is the time to dig in and better understand what this generation wants as it relates to the relocation experience. 

Their requests and priorities around the opportunity for mobility, flexibility and choice of benefits, use of DIY technology, style of communication, service availability and transparency are just a few of the areas to consider focusing on. Per this article, "Previous generations learned to keep silent about the change they wanted, but Millennials are vocalizing the change they want. Millennials are eager to go to work for organizations where they want, not need, to show up." Given that more than eight in 10 U.S. Millennial workers are willing to move for a job and feel that relocating is necessary to achieve their career goals, companies will be moving Millennials through the relocation journey and will need to take advantage of positive experiences that stem from attraction, development and retention.