There are many factors that impact corporate global mobility programs. From the health of global economies, to emerging markets, to geo-political activity, to cost-of-living, to availability of talent, to country tax schemes to immigration changes... this adds up to many different areas that require tracking to effectively manage a global mobility program. 

To get the complete picture of what is happening in the world of global mobility, you need to hit a variety of sources. Associations, partners, conferences, webinars, survey reports, blogs, white papers and podcasts are all great sources of information. 

The past 12 months have seen many impacts and shifts on immigration policy and practices and Envoy Global has summed things up with their 2018 Immigration Trends Report. The national survey was conducted online by The Harris Poll from Nov 13 to Dec 13, 2017, with responses from 401 human resource professionals and hiring managers across a variety of industries and company sizes. The report has many interesting takeaways, some of which are:

  • 53% expect their company's foreign national headcount to increase in the next year
  • 70% agreed that sourcing foreign national employees is an important element of their talent acquisition strategy
  • 59% expect their company's demand for global work authorization or outbound immigration to increase, with a particular increase in China and India
  • 70% of employers are sponsoring green cards, and nearly all (98%) have changed their green card policy over the past year
  • Almost half of employers (48%) are investing in technology-enabled platforms to manage the immigration process and 62% of employers are making supplementary investments in data security
  • Employers rate employee experience as their number one deciding factor when choosing an immigration partner

To download the complete: 2018 Immigration Trends Report