Our industry involves a lot more human emotion than other industries around the globe and it’s important to understand that when making decisions about what kind of benefits to incorporate into your program, along with your exception management. Exceptional service can have a heavy impact on your relocating employee’s experience with their move, and their overall perception of your company; poor service can also have the same, yet negative effects.

This article points out that there are several perceptions that make up customer experience: rational, conscious, emotional, subconscious and psychological. The more obvious perceptions, such as the rational and conscious pieces, are much easier to achieve and are typically the ones that companies think their employees want (those tie into speed, accuracy, consistency and technology), but fail to recognize that there are more important pieces. It’s easy to lose sight of the hidden elements of experience, especially when companies are results-driven by tangible factors.

What is the best way to achieve an exceptional employee experience? Think like the employee. In relocation, the employees that will have the best experience are satisfied emotionally, subconsciously and psychologically. These are also the more difficult aspects to achieve because everyone’s needs are different, which is why flexibility is key.