To be successful at attracting and retaining critical talent in the future, companies must understand the traits of millennials and how to integrate them as expatriates into their globally mobile workforce. This article helps you better understand what you as an employer can do to help your new employees feel comfortable and achieve a higher engagement level.

Many companies have outdated welcome orientations that may need some adjustments for this new generation. Given their enjoyment of travel, desire for work-life balance, search for meaningful work, and fluency with technology, this article offers up suggestions for four specific areas:

  1. Help them settle down: “The price of apartments has increased. Be sure to conduct thorough market research to source for the best-priced option for your expat.”
  2. Help them to upgrade and maintain their work-life balance: “Organise frequent team bonding or simple dinners with the expats to create opportunities for interaction outside of the work environment.”
  3. Keep it fresh and fun and be on the ball – “Expat millennials thrive in a culture of much change and constant progression.”
  4. Always on the know - be flexible with work arrangements: “It’s all about being adaptable and flexible in this current day and age. Millennials are strong believers in changing and trying new structures and methodologies to better improve productivity.”

This will help to ensure that their first impression from day one onward is set for success. Understanding the mindset and the work ethic will need to come not only from their direct manager but also from their peers.

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