According to the ShieldGeo article Gender and Global Mobility: Why Should We Be Talking About It? "Despite the increasing number of highly skilled women and improved focus on gender equality in the workplace over the last 10 years, growth in female participation in offshore work assignments has been slow." Their statistics show that there is a huge disparity in the number of female employees assigned overseas compared to men being assigned. They point to one study from PwC that showed only 25% of outbound expatriates from Australia were female. 

In this same article there were some additional statistics that should raise concerns. "A similar recent report of approximately 4,000 professionals from 40 countries, revealed some alarming numbers; 71% of female millennials want to work outside their home country during their career, but only 20% of the current internationally mobile population are women and only 22% of global mobility executives are actively trying to increase the numbers of female expatriates."

The challenge currently is doing more research to determine whether women are being presented with opportunities and shying away from them or whether there is inherent bias in the workplace where men are presented these opportunities and women are not.

The Impact Group has come forth with this infographic on women in business highlighting metrics that should prove to companies that by increasing female participation in leadership, they will improve their overall business performance. Ultimately, it makes good business sense to invest in women. Some interesting stats that support this:

  • Women outscored men in 15 of the 16 leadership competencies
  • A move from no female leaders to 30% representation is associated with a 15% increase in the net revenue margin
  • Organizations that leverage the Women in Leadership program achieve a 90% retention rate and a 37% promotion rate of women participants

It not only makes common sense, but it also makes good business sense that women should not only be presented with equal opportunities to take up offshore work, but they should also be encouraged to do so. Take the time to consider further and maybe start with a few of these options: