Although the article called out millennial employees, what Victor Settergren (Raytheon's missile systems director of global talent development) said struck me as relevant to any employee that meets the company's label of "top talent".  He said, "Our epiphany: If we truly want to attract and retain top talent, we must create a 'brag-worthy' impression for every candidate and hire experience."

Their opinion is that top talent is worth the extra cost and justifies the extra effort because when you bring in just average candidates, they dilute the efforts of the high performers and impede maximum performance of the company.

Additionally, since talent "talks" (especially millennial employees that leverage technology and social connections), one person's experience becomes a collective experience.  Impress one, impress many or offend one, offend many.

It made me wonder then what their opinion is on how relocation and assignment experiences should be handled.  If I extrapolate, I would guess that they would also want a "brag-worthy" global mobility program that delivers "wow" experiences throughout the organization. 

Designing a mobility program that delivers those kind of  "wow" experiences requires well thought out processes and policies, a strong internal supportive culture, and exceptionally capable and focused partners.  Is your mobility program "brag-worthy"?