It was recently announced that agreement had been reached on a new Safe Harbour framework, to be called the EU-US Data Privacy Shield.  According to Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Vera Jourova, "the new deal provides a renewed and safe framework for transatlantic data flows." If indeed this is a win-win for privacy and for businesses on both sides of the pond, then this should definitely be seen as historic and the outlook for the digital economy looks fantastic. 

However,  many are severely skeptical as seen below in Birgit Sippel's comment.  Do you trust obligations can be met? What is your opinion on this deal? Are you more concerned now or relieved?

More will become obvious over the next few weeks as the details of this agreement get dissected.  Global Relocation Management companies, like Plus Relocation, may find that these obligations are already being met or may need to set about costly initiatives to meet the new obligations.