Whether a company is considering moving an office or opening a brand new one as they expand globally, one of the most important elements to consider is how the location impacts talent from a variety of perspectives.

In this article, Rob Marsh points out that there a few really BIG factors to drill down on. He states, "The four biggest factors are quality of skills the company is trying to attract, cost of those skills, supply of the workforce with those skills and demand for competition for them."

For a really great video that touches on the role of location and office design in talent attraction, recruitment, integration and retention, check out what Jeffrey Saunders, a senior consultant at Signal Arkitekter, has to say.

This article reminded me that for those of us who are leading organizations where talent is the most critical element to our success, we must always keep the EVP (employee value proposition) top of mind. Office location, office design, the on-boarding process, and relocation packages and support are definitely on that list of items that have a HUGE impact on the EVP that is presented to existing and future talent.