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Plus Relocation announces key hires

Our mission at Plus is to be the world’s best relocation company, with the best employees – and as we continue to strive towards this goal, we’re excited to announce the hiring of four key employees to our leadership team as we continue to grow globally.

  • Ron Labin, CRP, SGMS-T as director, global business development
  • Tim Trepkowski as senior vice president, global finance
  • Tracey Gatlin as vice president, global supply chain
  • Andrew Kubitschek as vice president, technology

With 50 years of combined experience in their respective fields, we look forward to the expertise these leaders will provide to Plus and our clients.

Plus Relocation welcomes four new employees to the Plus leadership team. These hires are part of Plus's strategic growth plan and are aligned with the company's mission — to be the world's best relocation company.