For many, business travel is unavoidable. Both U.S. domestic and international travel is expected to increase in 2017. Almost three-quarters of U.S. travel managers anticipate more business trips in 2017, according to an AirPlus Survey. More than half of business travelers also presume they will travel just as often in 2017 as in 2016 and only around 13% expect fewer business trips than before.

However, business travel can be incredibly grinding! Frequent flier miles are nice, but long flights and working days, airport and fast food waiting lines, and hectic schedules can wear any traveler out.

Enter "bleisure" travel, "bizcation" or "workcation" where business travelers tag on a few extra days before and/or after their trips to adjust, explore and make the experience much more enjoyable and not so exhausting. Per a recent study by Expedia Media Solutions, 43% of Americans taking business trips are turning them into "bleisure" trips. They found that trips lasting more than three days were 30% more likely to include some sort of leisure activity. Of the participants surveyed, 60% report taking "bleisure" trips because they do not take many regular vacations.

In this blog article by Sebastien Reiche, he suggests that adding in the leisure element to business travel, you will have happier employees that are more engaged, more productive and that stay with you longer. Sounds like the right choice, but read on for his warnings and suggestions!

Is this something that exists in your company today? Do you think this could have a positive impact or become something crazy to manage? There's no question that a clear policy would be required.