A recent survey by global healthcare company AXA PPP International revealed why expats move abroad. 

Here are the top five reasons provided by expats for taking an international assignment:

  1. Better career opportunity
  2. Increased pay and benefits
  3. Improved work-life balance
  4. Better environment to raise children
  5. Simply to live in another country

    One interesting item noted in the survey was that of those who moved for better career opportunities, just 38% said it actually lived up to their expectations. I wonder if these experiences could have been improved by something the company could have done to better manage the experience. As talent gets increasingly more difficult to attract, develop and retain, companies will need to make sure that they are appealing to the goals of the employees. Expatriates that have great experiences can come back to be your best internal recruiters who encourage others to take the risk and head off on a global assignment.