How does a tech startup win (and retain) top talent? Recruiters say the key is being unique and personalized with your pitch. While a startup might not be able to compete with larger companies on salary alone, there are other ways to woo candidates. 

A recent article from the Society for Human Resource Management speaks to seriously investing in learning about the candidate. What's driving them to look for a new opportunity? What stage of life are they in? Then differentiate what your company brings to the table and how it may be poised to meet that candidate's needs. But it's more than that...

Many of the companies that we work with would put themselves in this tech startup category. They need the best talent out there, but they can’t offer an over-the-top benefits package to every candidate. And that includes their relocation package. They have to maximize the resources available to be sure that every candidate has a successful onboarding experience and wants to stick around. That’s where the hand-off from recruiters to mobility becomes so important. The mobility team has to be prepared to follow through on all of those amazing benefits that the recruiter has promised, and deliver an exceptional onboarding experience. Unfortunately, for some companies, this is where a breakdown can start to occur, which can lead those heavily sought-after candidates to begin second guessing their choice.

So, how can mobility build on that great experience the recruiter has sold?

  • Look at the process holistically from recruitment through relocation. How effectively is information transferred? How often does the employee need to re-tell their story? Are there opportunities for technology to streamline processes?
  • Evaluate messaging on benefits from recruiters to mobility. Do the recruiters fully understand the relocation process and what they’re offering? Providing recruiter training on global mobility can make huge strides in improving communication and the overall candidate experience.
  • Be willing to think outside the box. Just like the shared student housing referenced in the article, look for creative solutions that can meet the unique needs of your candidates.