Frequently, the best lessons come from outside your organization and industry. In this LinkedIn article by Jim Petzel titled, "Why Companies with Good Products Go Belly Up," he explains that while the piece of workout equipment was top of the line and great quality, the experience was bad and he will never work with that company again.

He goes on to point out that:

  1. Companies fail when they don't take ownership for their supply chain
  2. Companies fail when customers simply can't reach them easily
  3. Companies fail when their front line staff does not have the skills, or are discouraged to think on their feet and take action
  4. Companies fail when they create needless silos especially if those silos are customer facing
  5. Companies fail when the only way to escalate an issue is to never do business with them again

Want to make an impact on your global mobility program? Spend some time evaluating and then overhauling the experience of your stakeholders. Leverage the art and science of the experience design technique and consider the journey phases, the touch points, the emotional impact of anxiety and pace in the process and their specific needs. Then give your internal (and external) customers the experience that you want them to have! 

One truth from Mr. Petzel that applies whether your customer is internal or external is that "the customer experience always wins!"